Green getaways coming soon!

Our orchard is a hive of activity, and not just because the bees are busy making honey! We are getting ready to open up our yurt, tipi and gypsy wagon for our first holiday season.

Danny has been busy working on the interior of the gypsy wagon, making adjustments to the bed, adding new handles to all the drawers and making it a bit more user-friendly. It will also be getting a new, more practical woodburner to make it really cosy on chilly nights.

We’ll also be installing a woodburner in our Apple Hut – the hub of the campsite – so there is always somewhere to get warm and dry if the weather turns. Hard to imagine in this gorgeous weather we’ve been having!

We’ve got a shower going in to our bathroom shed, so there will be no need to ‘rough-it’, though we plan to set up an outdoor ‘jungle shower’ for the more adventurous at some point as well.

Well, with so much work to do I had better get off the computer!


Organic farm on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens